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  • I am thinking of starting a blog from an overseas perspective … I am not American, but come from the far north?! 🙂 … anyway I have non residence status … so was wondering if one has to register a monetized blog as a business somewhere … does it need to be copyright protected?…. if so … can that be done from some international site? … etc … this gets tricky seeing I live near the Forbidden City! and am non resident back home so not taxed 🙂 … what I would like to do is just start a blog without a lot of fuss on this biz stuff …. anyway any helpful ideas that come to mind would be appreciated …

    • I’d say start it, build a following and do your best to monetize it. Not too familiar with international business practices nor copyright law overseas but if you can get someone to pay you money to advertise on your site and you can cash your checks then it will work out 🙂

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