I Have a Luck Making Machine

Making Luck

I don’t have a money tree.  However, I do possess a Luck Making Machine.  You might be reluctant to believe me.  But trust me, it is true.  I have a Luck Making Machine.

With this machine, I can create luck out of thin air.  I bring my Luck Making Machine everywhere I go.  It doesn’t take much to keep it running smoothly, even in the most difficult conditions.  I don’t need electricity or gas to power it’s intricate engine.

At this point, I expect you are doubting what I’m claiming.  That would be a perfectly rational response.

But before you pass judgment, let me show you how I use my Luck Making Machine.  Then you will believe me.

The best example of my Luck Making Machine’s pure power is my early retirement at age 33.  I didn’t have to do anything beyond adjusting my Luck Making Machine to the right settings to enable my early retirement.  Our brokerage account and 401k balances miraculously increased from near nothingness to seven figures.

The Luck Making Machine Makes Us Wealthy

Don’t get me wrong.  The Luck Making Machine didn’t just go “poof” and make our investment accounts jump up to million dollar territory in the blink of an eye.  Obviously the Luck Making Machine had to do more than that to fulfill my wishes.  For starters, it gave me and Mrs. RootofGood excellent jobs.  Throughout the years, the Machine kept us gainfully employed, and even provided generous raises and bonuses in some years.  These weren’t ordinary jobs.  These were jobs with good benefits like 401k matches, inexpensive health insurance, and supplemental retirement savings plans.  The kind of jobs you can only get if you have a Luck Making Machine like us.

The Luck Making Machine didn’t stop at providing us with good jobs that paid a decent salary.  It also diverted more than half our generous salaries into various savings and investment accounts.  Even though we were living on less than half our salaries, thanks to the Luck Making Machine we still enjoyed a fairly comfortable standard of living.  Without our Luck Making Machine, we would never have thought about saving so much money.

The Luck Making Machine didn’t exactly create those jobs for us and mystically implant us in the particular companies we worked for (that’s ridiculous, after all).  But the Luck Making Machine did get us started on the right foot by granting us some undergraduate and graduate degrees from real universities.  We were fortunate (some might say “lucky”) that we didn’t have to work hard and study to obtain these degrees.  No one wants to work hard to succeed.  It is much better to get lucky repeatedly throughout life.  Having a Luck Making Machine is where it’s at.

Through pure luck, we were able to get solid college educations in fields that would allow the Luck Making Machine to place us in careers that would pay well.  And then through more luck we saved more than half our incomes.  But as we all know, even a Luck Making Machine can’t just “cause” us to save over half our incomes.  Even the Luck Making Machine is constrained by the laws of mathematics.  Here’s how the Luck Making Machine brought about our high savings: it kept our spending very low.

The Luck Making Machine Slashes Our Expenses

Let’s take a look at housing.  The Luck Making Machine was in overdrive when it came time to provide us with a house.  Some people research an area, identify the key attributes they are searching for in a residence, and then make a decision by weighing the various factors they decide are important in a home.  Given the availability of our Luck Making Machine, we didn’t have to think about where to live.  Sure enough, we lucked out.

Our house was somewhere between a quarter and a half of the cost of median priced houses within a few miles of our neighborhood.  The house our Luck Making Machine chose is less than a 10 minute drive from downtown.  Thanks to our Luck Making Machine, we don’t even have to get in the car to run errands, shop, dine or be entertained.  We can walk to the grocery store, the library, the community center, two city parks, our kids’ elementary school, dozens of restaurants, a hardware store, multiple Latino grocery stores and Asian grocery stores, discount stores, and auto parts stores.  Or we can walk a half mile and catch one of many bus routes that can take us all over the city (for $1).  What luck!

Just today I was expressing my gratitude toward my Luck Making Machine for picking a house located on a small lake here in the city.  I was watching a hawk circling the lake, when it swooped down for some delicious prey.  Once I got the binoculars, I realized I was looking at a vulture (that looked like a hawk from below) who was eating something dead.  A possum.  Yeah, it was a little gross.  But through the lenses of the binoculars I also spotted some huge turtles crawling in the mud, a great blue heron stalking fish, and a variety of other waterfowl floating around.  Who wants to leave the house when that is your backyard?!

Without our Luck Making Machine guiding us, it would have been impossible to locate a house that was affordable, conveniently located in a relatively safe area, and situated on a mini wildlife preserve.  We are able to save lots of money on gas since everything is so close to where we live.  And we can watch the wildlife from our back porch or living room for free.

Thirteen years ago when we decided to buy our new cars, the Luck Making Machine guided us to two highly reliable fuel efficient cars.  Our Honda Civic and Honda Accord have served us well since then.  Operating costs have been very low.  Auto expenses other than gas have been mostly routine maintenance items including fairly inexpensive tires.  Both cars still get over 30 miles per gallon on the highway.  Insurance and property taxes have remained low as well.  How fortunate are we that our Luck Making Machine didn’t force us to buy a pair of Lincoln Navigators or Cadillac Escalades?  We avoided autos that cost three or four times the purchase price of our modest yet reliable sedans.  And we probably avoided a doubling of our operating costs over the last 13 years.  Thanks again sagacious Luck Making Machine!

The Luck Making Machine gave us tons of free travel and free cash.  I can’t tell for sure, but I’m fairly certain the Luck Making Machine figured out a way to apply for a bunch of credit cards in our name and then let us use the airline miles and hotel points for free vacations for our family.  The Luck Making Machine calls this “travel hacking”, whatever that means.  How kind of the Luck Making Machine!

Luck Making Machine: Myth or Reality?

By this point I expect you are convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that our Luck Making Machine is real and that it has greatly benefited us throughout our entire lives.  To think otherwise would mean you are dismissing this entire article as mere satire.  As nothing more than poorly phrased sarcasm.

Believe me, the Luck Making Machine is real and fully operational.  It isn’t exactly a machine in the physical sense, like a vacuum cleaner, computer, or lawnmower.  But it exists nonetheless.  Some might describe it as an algorithm or process instead of a physical machine.  You could almost call it a mindset. Whatever you call it, it’s still a machine.  It reliably spits out bits of good luck year after year.  All you have to do is listen to the Luck Making Machine for advice.

I can hear you thinking “this Luck Making Machine sounds really great!”.  Are you interested in getting one for yourself?  The good news is you can get Luck Making Machines for free.  Even better news is you probably already have one.  Look around your house, your car, and in your couch cushions.  Dig down really deep inside yourself.  You’ll probably find it somewhere.  Yours might not generate as much pure luck as ours does right now.  After all, it takes years of experience to really know how to optimally use your Luck Making Machine.

Why not give it a try now? Before you make a big decision, consult your Luck Making Machine.  Ask it what you should do or how you should approach a problem.  It might tell you to do some more research.  Maybe it advises you to put together a spreadsheet or analyze the pros and cons of particular choices.  As long as you listen to your Luck Making Machine, you should slowly increase your luck over time.

I have a Luck Making Machine and so do you.


What has your Luck Making Machine done for you lately?




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