Root of Good Interview On The Voluntary Life Podcast

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to sit down (virtually) with Jake Desyllas and discuss the financial moves and life decisions that put me in a position to retire by age 33.  Jake runs The Voluntary Life podcast, which features over 160 podcasts recorded to date that cover entrepreneurship, financial independence, and freedom among other topics.

A few of the topics discussed in my interview are:

  • Saving all salary increases and avoiding lifestyle inflation
  • Cost-effective housing, transport and food choices
  • The importance of having agreement with your spouse towards your financial goals
  • Children and financial independence

Here’s the landing page for the full podcast.  Or go straight to the audio link here.


The Voluntary Life

Jake’s a cool guy.  Like me, he also managed to pull off a successful early retirement in his thirties and has moved on from full time work to living the good life.  A voluntary life where he chooses what he does because he wants to (and because he can). In his words:

I wanted maximum freedom and the chance to spend every day doing only things that I love. So far, that has included playing in a jazz band, doing improv comedy, long term travelgoing minimalist, and publishing a book.”

Jake’s book is “Becoming an Entrepreneur: How to Find Freedom and Fulfillment as a Business Owner” and you can get your own copy at Amazon.  I’ve read the free parts available at Amazon and it looks like an interesting read to get entrepreneurs in the right frame of mind to successfully establish and operate a business.  The average five star rating (out of five) at Amazon means I’m not the only one digging this book (and those reviewers probably read the whole thing!).


I hope you all enjoyed the podcast!  It’s always a blast to talk to another person about something you’re both passionate about.  I don’t know how others feel, but I appreciate the deeper experience of listening to an author’s voice instead of only reading what that person writes.







  • After reading for a while, it’s nice to hear your voice. Good interview. I enjoyed it.

    • Thanks! I figured those who have been reading for a while would enjoy hearing me talk on and on and on for an hour. And Jake’s British accent unquestionably classes up the conversation a few notches.

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