Dear Technorati, Look Here! And other news for the week

I do not know WTF this is has a blog directory and I want to be listed on it.  To get listed I have to say BBPP4X2BDQAE .  There, I said it.

That is the secret code that their wonderful multi-core servers must have in order to prove that I really am me, I own a keyboard, and I am claiming my blog in their illustrious directory.  I’m kissing a little ass cheek in the off chance that their computer hardware has feelings and a sense of self esteem, but not quite enough AI to determine that I am sarcastically mocking it with my facetious sycophancy.

The Real Business

Okay, enough technoflateri and subterfuge for one day.  On to the real business.

Now that I have over 20 blog posts on Root of Good, it can be a little hard to navigate if you are looking for a particular article from a long time ago.  I have the solution!  After some late night hacking and coding, I came up with the All Posts Since the Beginning of Time page.  The All Posts page is also available under the “Categories” menu at the top of the page (in case you have insomnia later and want to go the non-chemical treatment route).

A few recent posts from the All Posts page that you should check out if you missed them:


On Managing and Saving Money:

Figure out how to make a thousand bucks or so doing something you already do: spend money.  Just do it with the right credit cards.  Charge Everything on the Credit Card! Most Bizarre Financial Advice Ever?

Want to track your spending and income, and manage your investments with one quick tool that consolidates everything into one screen?  Simplest Way to Manage Investments, Spending, And Income: Personal Capital

Getting around, getting it done, in my Honda Civic. Auto Costs On The Cheap

I kicked the tax’s ass here: $150,000 Income, $150 Income Tax


On Early Retirement:

Guest post by Nick from Rethinking Retirement  (I’ll be guest posting at his blog on Thursday)

The most popular page here at Root of Good: the story of how I retired at 33.  Early Retirement at 33: An Overview


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Before I close out this post of miscellanies, I wanted to remind you all that this week is National Save For Retirement Week.  That’s great that there is a whole week dedicated to saving for retirement.  Unfortunately if you only save for retirement one week per year, you’ll likely be 80 or so before you can retire.  So do yourself a favor and save a little bit each paycheck with a 401k and see if you can start an IRA (or max it out if you already have one).


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