Welcome to Root of Good!


Hello and welcome!  Feel free to look around.  Here is a brief summary of what you can expect to see here:

  • Personal Finance,
  • Financial Independence,
  • Investing,
  • Having Kids without Breaking the Bank,
  • Travel,
  • Moneyhacks,
  • Anything else that makes life more awesome!

For a little more info about what this site is about and yours truly, read the About page.

Please comment if you agree or disagree with anything I post, or if you think this place is awesome or it sucks.  I’ll probably delete the negative comments, but it is still valuable feedback.  Of course constructive feedback would be even better!





  • Hey Justin,

    Was introduced to you through a friend.. We’re both from Sydney, Aus and have a massive interest in personal finance.. I’m going to go from start to finish and hit up your content.. Looks great so far and good on you man 🙂

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