Early Retirement Lifestyle Consulting

Readers have spoken and I listened.  By popular demand, I’m now offering personal early retirement consultation sessions on a limited basis.


How you benefit from an Early Retirement Lifestyle Consultation

  • Gain confidence in your early retirement plans
  • Make sure you’re on the right path
  • Identify issues and hurdles early so you can solve them now
  • Bounce ideas off someone who successfully retired early


Am I providing the secrets to an easy path to early retirement?

Yes and no.  You still have to do the hard work of spending less than you make, investing wisely, and optimizing your tax liability.  Everything I know about early retirement I learned for free from online resources or books available from the library.  I share what I know on this blog for free!

There aren’t any secrets.  It’s just a matter of getting concise information from a chat with me to answer your specific questions and provide feedback.


Why do I charge a fee?

I’m retired.  But I get asked by lots of people to chat about early retirement and finances, and they want to pay me (which is very flattering!).  Since my time is limited and very valuable (to me!), the best way to ration my time is by charging a fee.  Classic economic theory at work.


Getting the most value out of a consultation

The best conversations happen when you have data at hand.  If you aren’t already tracking your investments, expenses, and income, then please start now.  It doesn’t matter if you use pen and paper, a spreadsheet, or an online tool like Personal Capital (my preferred choice) or Mint.


What clients are saying:

My wife and I are very close to retirement (at 30 and 33) and after spending two hours with Justin we feel much more comfortable with our plan.  Justin provided some great strategies on maximizing financial flexibility in retirement through Roth conversion ladders, utilizing the Affordable Care Act, and creating some side income.  Speaking with someone who has achieved what you are trying to accomplish is one of the best ways to gain knowledge quickly and efficiently.  It can be difficult to find someone who understands the unique issues encountered by early retirees and Justin’s deep knowledge was very valuable in boosting our confidence to retire early.


Over the last few years, my husband and I have doubled our income and have been trying to figure out how to be smarter about taxes and investing. No one we’ve asked has a clue, and we’ve cobbled together info from blogs and forums but haven’t been sure it’s right for our situation. Talking to Justin was a breath of fresh air, and we finally feel confident about where we are and what our next steps will be towards financial independence. Thanks so much!

And last but not least:

“Hi Justin, thank you so much spending the hour with me. I now have a good understanding of what I can do with my money.”



  • Basic Consultation: 1 hour – $125
  • In Depth Consultation: Two hours – $240 ($10 Savings)

Roughly 30% of clients select the In Depth Consultation.  I feel the In Depth package provides the best value for those who want to discuss multiple complex issues, and can be structured as two one hour sessions or as a single two hour session.


Next Steps

If you are interested in a consulting session with me, please fill out the form below and choose the package that best suits your needs.

Then I’ll send you payment instructions at Paypal.

After receiving payment we will schedule a mutually agreeable time.

Chat sessions will be conducted by video chat on Skype.  At your option, we can do audio only chat on Skype or speak on the telephone.


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  • Justin, I just wanted to thank you for my 2 hour Skype consultation. It was money well spent. You are genuine and made me feel that financial independence is a real possibility. I am happy I found Root of Good.
    Warmest regards,

  • You should offer a discount to people who allow you to record these consulting calls, then post them to a Podcast. The thing would be a hit. This guy does something similar: http://richersoul.com/.

    You have the audience for it. http://rootofgood.com/april-2017-financial-update/#comment-135730. I know I’d be a subscriber.

  • I recently had two hours of early retirement lifestyle consulting with Justin and it was money well spent! Justin did a great job of providing an independent review of where my family is at relative to early retirement. He focused on our goals and needs without any judgement (even though our retirement expenses might not be as frugal as some). If you are looking someone who has been down the path of early retirement and can offer both a second check of the numbers as well as advice on what it’s like to retire early then Justin is uniquely qualified to help answer your questions. I strongly recommend Justin’s early retirement lifestyle consulting for everyone who is seeking to retire early.

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