September 2014 Financial Update

September. An ugly month for our investments, but an awesomely fun month for us. After making $33,000 in August, we gave it all back and then some in September by lopping $50,000 off our net worth. Our spending was roughly in line with our budget in spite of almost $2,000 in unplanned vacation expenses (the “awesomely fun” part).

With $6,125 of income in September, we more than covered our $2,802 in spending. More than half of our income came in the form of dividends and interest from our investment portfolio.

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Root of Good Interview On The Voluntary Life Podcast

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to sit down (virtually) with Jake Desyllas and discuss the financial moves and life decisions that put me in a position to retire by age 33. Jake runs The Voluntary Life podcast, which features over 160 podcasts recorded to date that cover entrepreneurship, financial independence, and freedom among other topics.

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Team Dixie Chickens!

High Adventure Early Retirement – Part 1

Hesitating in the doorway of my mother’s hospital room, I’m distracted by the usual thoughts in such situations, like hoping she’s getting over the pneumonia (she is, and is discharged the following day) and wishing that hospitals didn’t smell so weird, so I was unprepared for the white-coated person standing idly in the room chatting with Mom. Ever proud of our travels, Mom immediately announces to the Physician’s Assistant that this is her daughter who is traveling around the world in a school bus.

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